A New Project of the Museum

Since November 1, 2021 the Chernivtsi Museum of the History and Culture of Bukovinian Jews has started implementation of an ambitious project having an educational aim.  This event was preceded by having signed an agreement with the German Foundation “Remembrance, Responsibility, and Future (EVZ)” on the allocation of a grant to the museum. The museum will work together with its partner – Institut für deutsche Kultur und Geschichte Südosteuropas, IKGS on the new project. The mentioned institution traditionally shows deep interest in the historical region of Bukovina, initiates and implements its own cultural, educational and research projects and programs, as well as supports similar projects and programs of other stakeholders, including the ones from Chernivtsi.

The project is aimed at forming inclusive (democratic) culture of memory in this region of Europe, strengthening the immunity of Bukovinian youth to destructive influence of anti-Semitism, other ideologies and social currents that promote and practice discrimination, restriction of rights and freedoms, etc. Furthermore, with the project’s assistance we hope to demonstrate new possibilities of technological breakthrough and digital technologies application in museum activities in general and museum pedagogy in particular. It is planned to achieve this goal by creating a thematic information product in the format of web documentaries, a special Internet platform, as well as interactive learning apps that could be used independently or in combination with traditional museum techniques and approaches. The project also provides a program of practical educational activities with participation of school and university students (including students from Southern Bukovina).

The working project title now reads: “Participation – Interaction – Memory. Web Documentary and Educational Apps about Bukovinian Jews”. We assume that the word “web documentary” might cause most of questions from readers of this material. So, what is it?

A web documentary is a popular modern multimedia format, which is used in many spheres of life, including for dissemination of political and civic education. In other words, the web documentary is a hybrid format that combines features of a documentary film and an ordinary website. Audio and photo materials, web design and infographics, sketches, even elements of augmented reality are widely used in it.

Within the project, it is planned to use a web documentary format to reflect information about processes of anti-Semitism, the spread of various discriminatory practices in social life of Chernivtsi and Bukovina during the interwar period, World War II and Stalinism in the USSR, as well as convey this information to school and university students through popular means of the Internet and network communication.

It is also planned that the project will be accompanied by an active informational and PR campaign that will allow everyone to monitor its implementation.

So, follow our news on the website and Facebook page of the museum!

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