Czernowitz Jewish Cemetery Restoration Organization website

Dear CJCRO members and friends,

We are proud to announce today the inauguration of the Czernowitz Jewish Cemetery Restoration Organization website.

The result of the long term work of a few dedicated members  this website will enable us to make our cause better known to a larger number of people and institutions .

We hope that ultimately this will provide better results for those who want to visit the cemetery or for  those who want to receive more information about their family and ancestors.

We also are reaching out to all of you to solicit your support for sustaining the work which has to continuously take place at the cemetery to maintain it in a decent and accessible shape.

We are looking beyond this immediate moment when the world is still in the grips of the unprecedented Covid-19 crisis. In a few weeks the work at the cemetery will resume and we hope that with your generous help we will still have a successful 2020 clean-up campaign.

I would like to thank here in particular Mimi Taylor, our founder and first President, for everything that she has done for the creation, survival and success of CJCRO from the first day and till this date. I also would like to thank Isaac Karpel for the dedicated work and the countless hours spent on creating this website. A special thank you to Rav Menachem Mendel Glisnshtain and to Yakov Schwartzman for making sure that the work in Czernowitz gets done, year after year.

Last but most important I would like to thank all our generous donors without whom CJCRO could not function.

Thank you and we will be in touch again soon.

All the best,

Sasha Wolloch

President CJCRO

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